Over the past seven years I have had the honor to work with Mike Roberts of 5 Stone consulting. During the past several years he has worked side by side with me to broaden my leadership abilities and begin to see ahead of the curve so my departments were able to be proactive instead of reactive. In todays market, whether personal, ministry or business, vision and alignment are essential.

I have witnessed Mike work tirelessly to knit an organization’s vision to its down-stream leaders.The last thing a business or ministry needs is to run a-ground by the loss of vision alignment. When functioning in alignment, organizations are released to big impact and effectiveness. When out of alignment, too much energy is focused internally for correction instead of externally for impact

As a Pastor, I spend a lot of time reading and looking into leadership development because I believe one of the biggest challenges to maintaining a healthy church is maintaining healthy leadership or “discipleship”. Helping people take next steps in their faith journey is important. I recently attended a leadership conference where they were discussion an organizational DNA shift. This shift would include individual influence outside the organizations building. I was given an opportunity to speak specifically about strategies and ideas concerning the how’s and why’s a DNA shift should occur within an organization primarily due to the conversations Mike and I have had over the years.

I believe that Mike, as well as 5 Stone, has a heart to see individuals, ministries, churches and organizations reach the pinnacle of the purpose. Making 5 Stone a part of your strategy to achieve your goal can be hugely influential in solidifying the foundation of your organization or team.

I believe Mike’s personal influence has been directly tied to mine as well as many peoples advancement. His heart and drive to see people succeed is incredible. I have seen it personally as well in other individuals. I could write story after story about how his direct individual skill sharpening has impacted peoples leadership. He works with individuals to see past their current capacity and develop strategies to increase abilities and habits so their capacity grows. This growth both benefits the individual and the company.

As you shape your company’s team for tomorrow, I would consider making 5 Stone or Mike Roberts a part of your team today.


Rob Hans | Campus Pastor Victory City Church | Post Falls ID robvccpf@gmail.com 208.773.0236